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Who Drives the ICT Industry

Non ICT Students/ Graduates are driving the digital economy by requiring digital solutions from programmers and tech developers in Tanzania.

We need 50/50

More effort needs to be added to attract women/girls into the digital economy. Out of 1,100 applicants only 300 were girls.

Let’s Do this

There is a great interest and readiness of youth to take part in the Digital Economy the missing link was lack of relevant and timely information

Equal opportunities

Tech companies, Hubs, Accelerators and other Tech driving agencies need to set up centers in other regions in Tanzania to ensure youth in other regions are exposed to the same opportunities as those in Dar es Salaam

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1922 KM

Distance travelled





2890 KG


The central zone,Dodoma


Thanks to UDOM administrative office , To be specific College of Informatics and Virtual Education (CIVE), for hosting the #TYDS2019.Thank you for the warm reception we received, we are also happy for the efforts and supports pushing the event Ads that have resulted in the great turn up, 477 Youths applied to be part of the opportunity, two clubs formed -TYDS central zone and TDC Dodoma chapter, this is Amazing!.The two days we spent in Dodoma was delightful. We also enjoyed hearing all the stories about your college and how hard you're working making sure CIVE becomes the best Tech center in Africa.

The northen zone,Mwanza


Thanks to SAUT Mwanza for your hospitality during the #TYDS2019.We were always ease and we had a lot of fun, SATO is worthy of recommendation as well. Total number of 216 youths applied for TYDS2019,a significantly unexpected number in reach and awareness .This was due to your kind efforts and support which led to such great notable achievements.A TYDS Lake zone club was also formed)

The eastern zone,Dar Es Salaam.


Dar es Salaam stand up, Thanks to these 425 amazing youths for applying TYDS2019 both opening and closing.Much appreciation to IFM and CoICT for having #TYDS2019 at your lecture halls without any hesitation.Thank you for being such a wonderful host.

Let them speak for us

Some Expressions from summit attendees

What capture me most about TYDS 2019 was the session on Human Centered design. It has open my eyes to be sensitive and aware of the consumers needs from the early stages of developing my product.


Student - Mwanza

While applying for TYDS 2019 I saw interesting topics that were to be covered in the summit, things like business competing, innovation, media and sharing. I study law but I was mostly attracted to learn about business competing in the digital economy.


Student - Mwanza

As a computer science student I was not aware of the many online freelancing opportunities, thanks to this summit I am ready to take them on. This is my future line of work, I will make my fortune doing online freelancing.


Student - Mwanza

This summit gave so much insight into the digital economy, I love programming but I had no idea how many people and organization are out there ready to support me and my innovation. The most exciting part of it all was getting chosen as a representative of Tanzania Developers Community (TDC) Dodoma Chapter.


Student - Dodoma

I made it a priority to attend the Tanzania Youth Digital Summit because of my passion for the Digital Economy especially cyber security. The most interesting part for me was the session on Human Centered Design, while on it I realised that I was practicing many of the steps but I got some of them wrong, now I am wiser.


Student - Dar Es Salaam

I am developing a health applicatication called Afya Connect, when I heard about the summit I made it my mission to attend because I wanted to learn more on the Technology trends, Network and possibly meet investors. The experience was great, I am now informed on credible online learning platforms and motivated to create more content especially in Swahili.


Student - Dar Es Salaam

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